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My name is Cait and I'm a professional princess and content creator from Colorado... who's presently living in England!

Ever since I can remember, I dreamed of being a princess - shocker, I know. I loved watching all the princess movies, dancing around in frilly nightgowns and tulle petticoats, pretending I lived in a castle and had little animated critters as my best friends. Throughout my life, I chose to watch these sweet movies as a great way to escape from reality. They were a welcome break from the stress of school from the moment my saddle shoes took me into my first day of kindergarten until my high heels took me across the stage to receive my college diploma. I firmly believe that getting to enjoy some time in a make-believe world was essential in helping me develop a creative imagination.

During my high school years, I cherished my time in musical theater and knew that after I graduated, I would always want to incorporate theater into my life in some way. I needed to nurture my passion for acting and singing… it made my heart so happy.

After graduating from college (excuse me) university, with my straight A goal met, I wanted to branch out and concentrate on entertaining little ones by fulfilling a life-long dream; becoming a princess and giving them tangible access to the make-believe world of which they dream. I love immersing myself in the character by speaking and singing as they do and adapting their specific personality in order to draw them in... creating magic and an experience I hope they will never forget.

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After Party Like a Princess was created, I discovered an app called TikTok (you may have heard of it). I started posting videos as these princess characters and started my "Tales of a Party Princess" series. The first in that series hit 1 million views and that's where this whole thing got started! 200k followers later and I'm now chasing several dreams at once and have never been happier.

My current content features characters from all my favorite fandoms including Disney, Marvel, and Harry Potter. I even have my own merch line on RedBubble which is puh-retty darn cool. I recently started a lifestyle TikTok account (@beingcaitb) to show more of what my life is like behind the characters I cosplay.




Creating a happy, wholesome place for my fellow "glam geeks" is something that makes my heart so very happy. When someone tells me they were having a rough day and my video made them smile, it's all I need to continue... even through my own hard days.

I love getting to connect with my virtual friends and family every single day. My live streams are always so much fun and because of this, I started a Twitch account so I can connect with all of you in real time. Playing shootyshooty games or cozy games or just chatting - no matter what we do, I'm always a happy gal.

So whether you know me as Rapunzel, Gwen, Bellatrix, or just Cait, I'm glad to know you. You make my life what it is. Thank you. xx