"You'll Be Back, Soon, You'll See"

December 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Well, this is something I never thought I’d get to write… I’m now living in England!

The place I’ve only ever dreamed of visiting I could possibly call my new home. We're here for six months to begin with and are working on finding ways and places to potentially settle. It's kind of fun having a wide open future and not knowing what will happen!

I’ve been a girl in love with London for many years and my soul feels like it’s come alive again. I’m just so happy.

Dad, Pippa, and I will be exploring the country and you know that I’ll be bringing you along! Every new experience, each new location, and all the things I learn will be shared with you.
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I’ll be posting pics on IG, vlogs on YouTube, and doing some ‘irl’ streaming on Twitch. Basically I won’t be shutting up about this anytime soon. What can I say? I’m chuffed!

So I've said it once and I'll say it again - it’s time for an adventure in the great, wide somewhere!


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