Are You Missing It Too?

March 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I miss Disney.

There isn't one thing I miss most.

It's just all of it. Photo May 13 12 46 50 PMPhoto May 13 12 46 50 PM

Hearing the music, walking along Main Street, running to get in line at a ride... it's the place I've always been happiest.

And this morning all I want to do is be there.

I want to leave my life behind and for a few days, escape into the magic.

Just envisioning myself hopping inside the Big Thunder train car and screaming my head off, queueing up for Star Tours and hearing about a fabulous trip I could take to Endor, cooling off with a Dole Whip and waking up José, freaking out and waving to Ariel as if I didn't just become her last weekend - it all sounds like something I kinda need right now.

So that's where I'll be mentally today.

If you need me, you'll have to come find me in Critter Country.


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