I Smell Snow

March 06, 2022  •  1 Comment

Glorious, beautiful, magical snow.

I love it.

I love every snowflake.

I wanna hug it and thank it for giving me so much joy.

Yes, I'm secretly Lorelai Gilmore loving the snow more than anyone around.

My dad recently asked me, "What do you love about snow so much?"

So I asked him, "Have you seen it?" 274526958_501942481376892_796174949325458173_n274526958_501942481376892_796174949325458173_n

Winter is my favorite season because that's where the snow is.

I don't ski or snowboard, I don't sled, I don't build snowmen, I don't make snow angels.

I stand outside and let it fall on me, sticking to my hair and melting on my skin.

I sit by the window with a hot cocoa and simply watch.

I fall asleep picturing it gracefully swirling through the air.

My love for snow cannot be explained. It just is.


I like that you love it so... to me, it mostly just means more shoveling and scraping.
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