I'm a Twitch Streamer Now

March 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Doesn't that sound cool? 275815945_360924226046524_7771454185662135474_n275815945_360924226046524_7771454185662135474_n

Does to me.

And I'm having a blast.

Getting to play my fave video games while I hang out with my peeps? Nothing's better than that!

On Mondays, you can join me as I decorate my Animal Crossing island with elements of all my fandoms - Disney, Marvel, and Harry Potter! (I've already built Belle's book area and a Harry Potter wand shop... I reupload my streams to YouTube because they expire on twitch so even if you miss my live stream, you can still be a part of the fun over there!)

Plus I did a GRWM stream where we just played with makeup and chilled... and it went so well, you're now gonna get one of those every Wednesday.

And on Thursdays? It's voter's choice. You can vote in my poll on my IG story to decide what we do that day and what game we play!

I'm so glad I joined this community. I even have a new streamer buddy... from Norway. The internet is just so cool sometimes.

So if ya wanna come join me when I go live, check out my TWITCH!

Then you can join in on my brand new discord where I wanna chat about all our fave things. It's gonna be fun.

Here are a couple highlights from my streams that people got a kick out of on my new TikTok:

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