I'm THIS Good at Animal Crossing

March 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It's my game.

The game I've been playing since 2001.

Yep, probably longer than you've been alive.

(Not feeling old at all now all right moving right along...) 275003592_4931265480252589_6267622154353820178_n275003592_4931265480252589_6267622154353820178_n

But when I was doing a test run for my twitch channel before my first live stream, I needed to see what it looked like from the other side.

So... I handed my dad the controller and watched the stream on his computer.

And ya wanna know what I heard?

"This is fun. ..... I want an island."

And it was right then I knew.

He's watched me play for so long and has secretly loved the game the whole time; all it took was five minutes of playing to be hooked.

My dad.

Mr. Finance.

Professional photographer.

Graphs, numbers, and other things this English major doesn't know anything about.

So naturally, I ordered him a game.

And he now has an island.

He's Ansel from Bokeh.

The best of both worlds.

 - Welcome to island life, my dude. But just a warning, your life is now all about paying off a loan to a raccoon.
   So basically it's peaked.


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