Inspiration from... Cruella??

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Last night I re-watched Cruella... and I think I liked it even more than watching it the first time.

Upon initial viewing, I was so into the costuming and aesthetic that I missed some key life inspo.

"From the very beginning, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else. That didn't sit well with some people, but I wasn't FOR everyone."

Ahh yes, not being for everyone.

I know this all too well.

Growing up, I was bullied, lonely, and different. I never truly fit in.

But you see, I never really wanted to belong. 275439887_4950331735012630_25883733264119691_n275439887_4950331735012630_25883733264119691_n

I wanted friendship - yes, that's true - but I never wanted to be like the people who were bullying me.

I chose to stand up to them and speak up for the underdog even though I knew I would be lonelier.

I'm proud to be me. Unique. Albeit still misunderstood. 

"Being a genius is one thing. Raising a genius, however, does come with its challenges."

You'll have to ask my dad about this one. ;)

But in all seriousness, I'm not calling myself a genius (or am I?? jokes). However looking at my own challenges I face being different, I can handle them. I'm strong enough to take them on. My dad though sees the struggle through a different lens. As did my mom.

They always wanted to protect my heart while allowing me to be exactly who I am... a unique set of challenges surely.

"Aren't they gorgeous? And vicious. My favorite combination." - Baroness

This one made me laugh! But I liked it. Sweet and kind yet strong and badass. I like this combination as well.

"Mum, I got my chance. The one I always wanted. Trust me, I’m going to keep my head down and make it."

This one really hits home for me. I can feel the shift in the force, if you will, for me and my dreams. Seeing them come to fruition feels so close I can almost reach out and touch it.

But there's a part of me that feels a tad bit guilty that I might be experiencing them coming true... but only after she's gone.

How badly I wanted her to be a part of it. Here, with me. But that wasn't a part of my life's journey, I suppose.

I do know one thing - I'm going to keep my head down and make it. You can bet on me.

So dye my hair black and white and hand me a leather jacket cuz this girl is channeling her inner Cruella to make it all happen.

"I'm just getting started, darling."



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