My Favorite Boots... of ALL TIME

March 09, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I honestly have a hard time wearing other shoes at this point.

All my other shoes get brought upstairs and put away in a nice, neat fashion... and these stay by the door.

Because I'm honest with myself. 271601100_4782177721828033_1052813137137042450_n271601100_4782177721828033_1052813137137042450_n

These were something I asked Santa for this past Christmas but I didn't know exactly which ones my little heart desired.

But Santa did good.

I knew I wanted Dr. Marten's because they always add such a cool edge to outfits but these. THESE.

Embroidered roses on the sides??


They look totally cool with rolled up skinny jeans but also with skirts and tights.

My girly girl, sweet, pink ensembles are given a cool pop.

Aaaaand if ya wanna get them for yourself, you totally can by clicking here.

Yes, they're on AMAZON. And PRIME.

You - and your Instagram - can thank me later.



(Yes, I'm an Amazon affiliate and make a small commission from your sales so thanks! lol)


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