Newly a Night Owl

March 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

10pm used to be my bedtime.

Anything beyond that and I was a little zombie-ish the next day, regardless of wake time.

But in recent months, midnight has become my best friend.

Maybe it's the Cinderella in me - the clock strikes twelve and my body goes "hey go to sleep now."

In those extra two hours lie a peaceful time. 274295911_4905387336173737_2941291442077967772_n274295911_4905387336173737_2941291442077967772_n

As a content creator and small business owner, my hours are more commonly known as 'wake up' and 'go to bed'. But I knew that I needed some time to just let it go (it never stops, does it?) and rest.

I've rediscovered my love for reading. I put on a reading playlist on Spotify and go on an adventure (in the great wide somewherrrre ok I'm done now).

This book was one that made my heart so happy.

"So This is Love" is a part of the Twisted Tales series. It tells the story of Cinderella if she had never tried on the glass slipper and explores the idea of what consequences this one change would have had to the outcome of her story.

This series does exactly that: asks one question, makes one change, and sees what would happen.

I loved it. I really, really did.

So naturally... I bought the rest of the series.

Except three.

The three I couldn't find.

And I'm already almost done with Belle's.

I can't wait to read more tonight. Is it 10pm yet?


(Yes, I'm an Amazon affiliate and make a small commission from your sales so thanks! lol)


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