Paris Hilton Follows Me

March 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.

Gotta say, it got mine!

One day I logged into Twitter and I had one notification.


And this was it. 274480291_507878377625911_3266448944600191437_n274480291_507878377625911_3266448944600191437_n

"Paris Hilton followed you"

My early 2000s pre-teen self nearly passed out.

She's the reason I wanted all the Juicy Couture velour track suits.

She's the reason I wanted a pocket dog.

She's the reason I wanted a blinged out Sidekick (how's that for a throwback??).

And now... she FOLLOWS ME.

If nothing else cool ever happens in my life, I'm okay with that.

This was all I needed.


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