You Like My Hair? Gee Thanks, Just Bought It

March 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Hair extensions are a magical thing, aren't they?

One moment, short hair. The next, Rapunzel. 6 x 11 in6 x 11 in

I've been using Zala hair extensions for yearrrrs now and I'm obsessed.

They're such high quality, gorgeous, silky and thick, and look totally real.

And they're the only peeps I can find that even offer highlighted shades which is a super plus, lemme tell ya.

Ok so here's more info on the ones you see me wearing...

These are Sunkissed Highlights 16" clip-ins with the triple-weft lace. I got the 9 piece set which gives ya 200 grams of luxurious locks.

I also have their halos, their ponytails, and more clip-ins in both Snickers Highlights and Rich Mocha Brown. You can tell I've been a fan of theirs for years cuz I have so many shades!

(You can check out all my YouTube vids about them too HERE)

So it's pretty cool that I can tell you that I'm an official Zala Girl!

Which means that if you use code CAIT15, you can save some moolah and get yourself a free gift.

You're welcome.

And they're running a special right now where you can use CAITPROMO through March 20 and save even more!

If you get some, please tag me in your pics cuz I really wanna see your new look!


PS. I'm a Zala affiliate which means I do make a small commission from your purchases... so thank you for ordering via my links!


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