My New FAVE Show

April 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It's coming scarily close to bumping Gilmore Girls.

And I'm only 4 episodes in.

Yeah... it's that good. new-girl-deschanelnew-girl-deschanel

Although I think Rory and Lorelai will forever remain #1.

But Jess Day is the only one who could rival them. (And even be a really good friend of theirs, now that I think about it.)

If you don't know Jess, 'New Girl' is the show I'm talking about!

I've had this show suggested to me sooooo many times.


But I was always trying to finish a different show or my reality shows were on and I was already behind on those. Can we keep those to just one episode one night a week, please??

So I decided it was finally time to start watching and I am glad I did!

And I now understand the "Jess Day energy" comments I get on my socials. Such a great compliment so thanks!!

Honestly can't wait for the next time I get to watch.

Netflix night, anyone??


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