Why the Wizarding World Means So Much to Me

May 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

For my 30th birthday, I received a signed photo of Newt Scamander… just seeing it brought tears to my eyes because my parents understood how much this character and this world meant to me.

And now it means more to me than anyone will ever know…

Birthdays were always big events in our family. Gifts, decorations, cake, the works. And for my 30th, this fantastic world was a large part of the “theme” if you will… (my mama should have been an event planner. All details were always so perfectly planned.) 276945664_381844960168214_2886361552398623732_n276945664_381844960168214_2886361552398623732_n

This framed photo was on display, along with Newt’s case and a niffler buddy to go along with it. I remember jumping for joy. The case I wanted to live in was right there in front of me! It truly was a wonderful day.

And this was the last birthday we got to spend together. This magical world is a place we loved to visit, whether it was the movies, theme parks, or cosplays… a wizarding world we could escape to.

Whenever the movies were on, we would run into the room for specific scenes we loved, just to watch them together. We sipped Butterbeers and visited Honeydukes.

I dressed up as Tina and pretended I was an auror… if only for an hour or two. This fictional world was real for us. Now when I hear the music, my heart doesn’t sadden, it warms. I remember all of the fun we had.

So while it may seem funny or strange to some of you for a character or a fictional world to mean so much, this is just one example of why.

Because it’s way bigger than that. And always will be.

I know now what I would see in the Mirror of Erised, us. Together. Like we will be again someday.

But for now, I will continue to dream of worlds that exist only in my mind… for who’s to say they aren’t real?


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