My First Day in Windsor

February 15, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

313857727_791027905305828_7096152747063633547_n313857727_791027905305828_7096152747063633547_n I'll never forget this day. 

The first day I headed out into my new life.

My first trip on a train.

My first sighting of a castle.

My first walk along a high street.

I woke up this morning, cold (surprise) and cuddled under a duvet. I looked around and was greeted by unfamiliar surroundings.

And then I remembered...

I'm in England.

So I bounced over to the window, pulled open the curtains, and just stared at it. The place I've wanted to be for so many years was now directly in front of me. The clouds were wispy against a pastel sky and everything was in a bit of a haze. A lavender haze, if you will. #IYKYK

And we had a perfect day planned. Go to Windsor. Yes, that Windsor. And see the castle.

We popped on over to the station to purchase our tickets and - this is so embarrassing now looking back - asked if we could purchase our Oyster Cards there. 

(I deeply apologize to the brits reading this that are so deep in the cringe right now. For those of you who don't know, those cards are exclusively for London travel. Which we were not in. American probs, amirite?)

After purchasing the correct tickets, we hopped on our first ever train here and were on our way!  Ff7mKLxXEAIYasJFf7mKLxXEAIYasJ

But it was when Windsor Castle appeared in the distance that I had a reaction I didn't quite expect. I just started to cry. And tried to hold it back as I was in public and on a train filled with people. But at that point I didn't really care. This was such a moment for me and I leaned into it.

And my first stop upon arriving? The corny little souvenir shop to buy my pink London sweatshirt I was going to wear for my social media moving reveal. (Nope, no one knew yet!) I didn't care how much of a tourist I looked like. Again, leaning into this experience.

Filmed my fun little reveal video, got my first Cadbury hot chocolatewalked up and down high street and popped into stores I'd never heard of before and had a nice little giggle over realizing Five Guys has apparently made it across the pond.

But one of the most magical moments occurred when we were heading back to catch our train to the hotel... a full rainbow over the rooftops of Windsor. A simply stunning sight I will never forget, filled with so much meaning.

And then on the way home, it started to rain. Again. A perfect ending to a perfect English day.


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