The Long Flight

February 06, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

314418621_793169115091707_4963067281835578297_n314418621_793169115091707_4963067281835578297_n 314070125_793169138425038_3342984583184116565_n314070125_793169138425038_3342984583184116565_n I'm not the biggest fan of flying. I'm really not.

So the thought of a 9 hour flight over an ocean wasn't really the most exciting thought.

Until I realized the prize at the end of the journey. A big dream on a little island.

It was a really good motivator.

So when the boxes were in storage, the move was done, and our bags were packed, I was ready.

And there was no stranger feeling than riding on the shuttle to the airport knowing that I might be leaving this state - and potentially this country - for the last time. I was staring out the windows and taking it all in, more than I ever have before.

Walking up to the gate was truly bizarre. My tickets matched the screen that had Big Ben displayed on it. The screen that said DEN - LON. 

Trying to comprehend the reality of my reality is something I will never fully be able to describe.

I was staring out the windows again, watching a Colorado sun set over the absolute ginormous plane that we were about to board. (Lemme tell you, that thing should not be able to fly. Mind blowing.) 314399502_793169118425040_8291897012100470494_n314399502_793169118425040_8291897012100470494_n

Then the announcement came.

I grabbed my carry-ons and got in line. Stepping foot onto the jet bridge, I felt something shift. I was entering my new life right then and there.

Little did I know it would start with getting absolutely no sleep at all and binging the Fantastic Beasts movies. 

But it started right then nevertheless.

It was a long flight. A really long flight. In the middle row, in the middle seat, mind you. 

However after a couple in-flight meals and some mild turbulence, I checked the screen in front of me and we were *finally* over Ireland. The whole Atlantic ocean had been crossed; a weight lifted from my shoulders as I felt troubles being left behind.

And all of a sudden, windows were being opened and daylight started filling the cabin. We were now flying over the UK and making our way to Heathrow Airport.


The airport I never thought I'd land in.

But the moment I will never forget was when the plane started banking to the left and I saw England for the first time...

And I completely fell apart.

Sobbing is a mild way to put it. Everything from the past washed over me. All the sadness, the dreams, the fears, loss, hope, anger, joy, and there was nothing I could do to contain it. So I let it happen. A waterfall of emotion.

314410421_793169135091705_7869061662519988788_n314410421_793169135091705_7869061662519988788_n But instead of feeling completely broken afterwards, I felt something unexpected - a little bit healed.

A few pieces of my heart melded back together.

Looking out onto my dream-come-true, I knew I was going to be okay.

Then the plane landed, I pulled myself together, and we disembarked to a rainy (surprise!) London day and welcomed our new lives with open arms.

And it was almost like I could hear it right then and there. A simple, quiet greeting.

"Welcome home."


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