I'm a Twitch Streamer Now

March 25, 2022
Doesn't that sound cool? Does to me. And I'm having a blast. Getting to play my fave video games while I hang out with my peeps? Nothing's better than that! On Monday...
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Feeling Down? Try This.

March 24, 2022
So would anyone like to take home a few of these 8 dozen cookies I made? Jokes. Honestly though, I have felt some very deep sadness in these past few months. I don't r...
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My TOP 5 Beauty Must-Haves

March 23, 2022
And this is coming from someone with 82 lip glosses, 37 hair spritzes, and has tried almost every skincare thing on the planet. So basically I tried them all so you don'...
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Singing with Hunter Hayes?!

March 22, 2022
One of my fave artists of ALL TIME. And I got to sing with him. Okay, okay. It's a TikTok duet but heyitcountsallright? He posted a vid and I was like "ya know, this c...
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"There Are No Strange Creatures. Only Blinkered People."

March 21, 2022
Newt Scamander is one wise wizard. And you know, he's different. He's odd. He stands out. People don't understand him. And he's kinda lonely; he finds companionship in c...
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